Phenomenality Pill

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.


I am really amazed by the  works of God that surrounds me; that is because am a lover of natural environment and the fact that it connects me to my creator,am more joyful.

Furthermore there is that sensation that I feel, when I see green plants and the flowers that blossom from them.Don’t be mesmerized when I tell you,the secret behind my elegant look;the fact that it corresponds with nature was my priority.I  really can’t  deny my love for dresses and you can support me from here and here,and for this particular one,I loved it because of the fact that ,it gave me that inward satisfaction.

Anyone who could have seen me in this dress mmmmhh,would have thought I had won a Grammy award because of the endless smile I portrayed trying to picture myself with nature.The wear can therefore,be worn during Dinner Dates when you want to slay  ,Fashion show events when you want to turn heads and be that sophisticated chic,Red Carpet Events when you want all the attention to be focused on you when you take that grand entrance.

If you may have more ideas on where else the dress can be worn,Send your feedback on the comment section.

May God Bless you All.

Photo Credits – Samsonia Media

Hair Piece – Super Cosmetics



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  1. I love!…you look stunning..

    1. Thanks dear am humbled.

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