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I just love the diversity of kimonos,the way they come in so many forms,either in prints,in varying lengths or in various fabrics.As you all know, Kimono is derived from the Japanese culture, which means a thing to wear”. Kimono being modernized from the Japanese tradition,we are able to come up with different ways of wearing them. e.g

  • A kimono can be worn as a cover-up when wearing a swimwear.
  • A long kimono can be belted up to form a wrap dress.
  • A  kimono with a rompers  with some heels will bring that edgy defined look.
  • Kimono can be won with  skinny jeans or leggings paired with heels to bring that slay look.
  • Wearing floral or bright-colored kimono on a plain top can be worn to enhance one’s ordinary top.
  • A bodycon dress with a long kimono won’t also hurt to bring that chic look.

Those were the few ideas I have but if you have others,don’t forget to post on the comment box below.

Coming back to my look of today,I decided to come up with a different and unique  kind of kimono,which is has a lace fabric and a taste of African print to appreciate my mother land.Not forgetting the long collar standing up to bring that sassy look.

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Photographer – Samsonia Photography

MUA – Shila Kerubo

Kimomo – Tailored (Patricia +254726433097)

Shoes -Thrifed


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