An year older,Wiser and more grateful.

My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive,and to do so with some passion,some humor and some style.


Today is my birthday… hurray!!!!!. Can’t explain the joy I have, to know that am an year older and that am yet to experience more of what God has in store for me.Looking back to where I have come from,it has been a journey of ups and downs and experiencing the different phases of life.But what I have learnt is that,we pass through all this phases to equip us to do better and refine us to be better.Am reminded of Gold;for it to be of value,it has to pass a lot of heat to be refined and be purer and that clearly show that,God is not finished with you till you shine like Gold.I can clearly state that I have learnt a lot through my journey and will share few pointers.

  1. When you are happy pray,when in low moments pray; pray without ceasing.
  2. Always tithe.
  3. Treat People how you want them to treat you.
  4. Never forsake your parents at any cost.
  5. Value the people that are always by your side.
  6. Don’t let anyone decide for you.
  7. Don’t compare your life to others.
  8. Never give up no matter what.
  9. Stay positive,Work hard and make it happen.
  10. Strive to be better everyday.

Be blessed.


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