Afro-Fashion Part 2

“Keep shining beautiful one,the world needs your light now.”

New month,New beginnings,New mindset,New start,New Focus,New intentions,New results.Why the phrase? I will answer the question.I remember when the new year would start and everyone would have resolutions for what they would like to have done by the end of the year.

As for me,the starting phrase on my post,is to let you know that you can have your monthly resolution aside from the yearly one,and by that way,you won’t have to wait till the end year to know how far you have accomplished.

Anyway as you all know from my previous post,I have collaborated with a very talented designer who does African attire and unique ones.So my current post,I wore a High-low african jacket paired it with a black denim trouser and some heel boots.Below is the other ways you can pair up the jacket.

1.Jacket to be worn with a pencil skirt and a sandle heel.

2.Jacket can be worn with a pencil official trouser and add it with a heel shoe.

3.It can as well be worn with a fitting trouser of the same fabric,to act a full suit pair it with a pump shoe.


Yourfeedback is highly appreciated on the other ways we can pair the high-low African jacket.

Photo credit SamsoniaPhotography

Offshoulder ZivAfrika

FaceBeat Shila Kerubo








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